Embedded Operational BI, Prescriptive Analytics and Decision Management

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This two-day seminar is intended for business sponsors, BI/DW managers, IT architects who have already built a BI system and now need to embed BI and analytics into Web sites, applications and processes to empower employees, business partners, suppliers and customers to achieve ‘always on’ business optimisation, dynamic planning and ‘active’ management of business performance.

It provides a roadmap and methodology to creating the right-time intelligent enterprise by using methodologies and new technologies to manage a business at both strategic and operational levels. It looks at how technologies like CEP, stream processing, predictive analytics, alerts, automated recommendations and automated decision management can be integrated with operational business processes and linked to dashboards and corporate performance management technologies such as scorecards as part of a top-to-bottom continuous business performance improvement program. It also looks at technologies such as social networking to empower people to find, share and collaborate over performance at all levels of the enterprise.

The seminar takes an in-depth look at the technologies and methodologies needed to integrate BI into every day business process operations and make it available from any device.

What you will learn

  • How to justify, architect, and integrate business intelligence into operational business processes and applications as part of a coordinated program to improve business performance
  • How to use automatic real-time event processing to monitor operational events as they happen to detect problems, identify opportunities, and drive and guide business operations
  • How to use real-time data integration, on-demand decision services, BI Web services, XML queries, real-time decision engines, enterprise alerting and business process automation to put BI to work in driving every day business operations
  • How to maximise the use of personalised Business Intelligence across the enterprise and beyond to continually optimise business performance in every day operations

Main Topics

  • An introduction to operational BI
  • Business optimisation
  • Technologies and tools for the Smart Enterprise
  • Architectures and methodologies for creating the Smart Enterprise
  • Embedding BI into operational business processes
  • Operational BI for Smart CRM and Supply Chain operations
  • Empowering people through Collaborative BI
  • The final step - active management for continuous optimisation