Developing with Scala

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Developing with Scala is a fast paced, three-day course that introduces developers to new way of thinking and programming in Scala.
The course is oriented towards Java developers who are looking for a faster development in a more expressive language. The approach in the course is that we introduce a topic, show examples, and then participants work on the coding exercises. Scala testing is introduced early. An essential aspect of this course is that participants go through the exercises that are specifically designed to for quick transition of a Java or C++ developer to Scala.
There is a lot of coding! Expect to leave the class as a proficient Scala programmer.

What you will learn

  • Confidently write Scala code
  • Take advantage of Scala as a better, more expressive Java replacement
  • Work with Scala type system: objects, classes, traits, generics
  • Work with concurrency using Futures
  • Understand working with immutable values and recursion
  • Use test driven development with Scala

Main Topics

  • Scala: Full speed ahead!
  • Starting with Scala Collections
  • Pattern Matching and Case Classes
  • Classes
  • Objects
  • Inheritance
  • Traits
  • Packages
  • Writing Scala Tests
  • Scala Generics
  • Advanced Types and Scala Patterns
  • Implicits
  • Towards Functional Programming
  • Concurrency with Futures