Modern Data Visualizations and Story Telling

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The revolution in Data Visualization for gaining business insights through visual discovery and the impact on business communication are becoming the new expectation in companies. BI teams and business analysts are already familiar with creating reports and dashboards for business monitoring with basic line, bar, and pie charts, but new and more sophisticated visualizations require knowledge beyond the basic understanding for advanced analytics, visual discovery and business communication.

Visual discovery, communication, and story telling will be covered in this session. There will be an introduction to the world of advanced visualizations and hands-on demonstrations and education with how to use popular free open-sources options can deliver advanced visualization today.

What you will learn

  • To understand successful visualizations and the difference of visual discovery
  • Advanced visualizations including heat maps, quartiles, nPath, geospatial, and intelligent icon tiles
  • Defining visual communication and user interface guidelines and best practices
  • How to leverage story-telling for effective business communication

Main Topics

Understanding applications in Data Visualization

  • Understand visual communication and framework
  • How visual discovery differs from traditional BI and data mining
  • How to lead with Data Visualization supported story-telling
  • Exposure to advanced specialized visualizations

Hands-on data visualization

  • Definition and demonstration of visual discovery
  • Proven best practices of story-telling with Data Visualization done correctly
  • Demonstrations and critiques of popular visualizations tools
  • Learn how to create data-driven documents with JavaScript libraries (