Data Virtualization in Practice

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As more and more data becomes available to people and applications inside the enterprise the challenge of integrating data is becoming more complex. Data is now distributed across multiple on-premises and Cloud based applications as well as new high value data becoming available in external data sources. This makes data harder to access and integrate. This new 1-day seminar looks to address this issue by introducing Data Virtualization and how why this technology is now a key component of any information architecture. It discusses what Data Virtualization is, how you can use this technology to simplify access to data, how it can be used to increase agility and reduce time to time value.

What you will learn

After attending this seminar you should be able to understand what Data Virtualization is, how it works, tools in the marketplace, how Data Virtualization changes your data architecture and how it can simplify access to data.

Main Topics

  • An Introduction to Data Virtualization
  • Implementing Data Virtualization
  • Popular Data Virtualization use cases to maximise business value