Enterprise Security Architecture

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Security is becoming the most important issue for enterprises and CIOs. The new threats are everywhere. It’s not high school kids hacking for fun anymore. Cybercrime is sponsored by governments, corporations, and organized crime that have the resources to hire top talent, and the patience to pick away, for months at a time, until an attack has been successful.

Previous security models that constructed a ‘fortress’ around the enterprise are no longer effective. In addition to the increasingly sophisticated attackers, the proliferation of devices adds millions of new vulnerability points. And even if your enterprise is secure, your partners and global outsourcers might not be, providing a vector into your enterprise. Liabilities from security breaches damage brands and dwarf other losses. Security is no longer just the concern of a few specialized personnel. It will be elevated to a top priority of CEOs and senior leaderships, either proactively, or reactively in response to yet another expensive incident. Executives have and will lose their job as a consequence of breaches. However, the CIO and IT is also best positioned to address Security and raise awareness to the business.

This seminar will provide a practical, comprehensive, and architectural approach to helping CIOs and security personnel address evolving security threats and environment. The seminar is structured as a combination of presentation, interactive discussion and group based exercises, so participants get the chance to apply the concepts learned to example scenarios during the facilitated exercises.

What you will learn

Delegates will gain an understanding of the issues and requirements for creating an Enterprise Security Architecture, including answers to the following:

  • What are the main issues to consider when planning to address security?
  • What are the new 3rd Platform threats and vulnerabilities?
  • What are new approaches to understand and identifying them?
  • How do we make sure that our policies, processes, information assurance, application level security, technology, and analysis solutions work together?
  • How do we transition from a fortress mentality to de-perimeterization?
  • What is an Enterprise Security Architecture and how do we create one?

Main Topics

  • Four questions that keeps the CISO awake at night
  • Enter the 3rd Platform
  • Understanding and identifying new threats
  • Key elements of an overall security strategy
  • Principles for security policies
  • Information integrity
  • Holistic Enterprise Security Architecture
  • Mitigating risk from partners and suppliers