Advanced Analytics Workshop

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Quantifying business situations for forecasting and analytical modeling is an art and a science. This fast-paced course, with optional hands-on exercise participation, introduces and walks through a collection of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive techniques across the entire Advanced Analytics lifecycle.

Participants will gain an understanding of when to choose specific analytic techniques, algorithms and popular tools used today to solve common business problems. We will also dive into the critical importance of data preparation and sampling. Topics include quantifying business situations for analytical modeling, what-if analysis, data mining, machine learning, optimization and simulation. After learning how to effectively develop models, we will cover evaluating models and embedding intelligent analytics into smart reports, dashboards and applications to deliver actionable insight.

What you will learn

  • Advanced Analytics Techniques and Tools
  • Descriptive Analytics Fundamentals
  • Predictive Analytics and Data Mining
  • Business Modeling for Prescriptive Analytics
  • Embedding Analytics into the Business

Main Topics

  • Introduction to Advanced Analytics
  • Understanding the Core Areas of Advanced Analytics
  • Critical Importance of Descriptive Analytics
  • Building and Evaluating Predictive Models
  • Forecasting, Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Predictive Queries and Decision Rules Engine Development
  • Prescriptive Analytics Optimization and Simulation
  • Delivering Accessible, Actionable Analytics