Leading and Motivating Technical People and
Project Teams

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This course focuses on the transition of team members into management and leadership positions in a technical and project environment, where leadership makes a difference and conflicts may stand in the way. It develops the mindset, skills, and qualities needed to lead and motivate project teams in a dynamic and changing world. It identifies the leader’s strengths and weaknesses and builds interpersonal and communication skills, while addressing and even leveraging some cultural issues in the organization, both inside and outside the team and how to deal with bosses.

The delegates will gain 20 PDUs.

What you will learn

  • Characterize the problems, dilemmas, and process of transitioning from team member to manager and leader
  • Build a conceptual model of what is a manager/leader and identify your strengths and weakness, build the right team, and add the missing parts to your strength
  • Focus on your role as an inspiring leader that attracts people to your team and knows how to create the right excitement and fun
  • Understand the environment in your company and learn how to live with it, and more important, leverage it for your project and career
  • Understand the critical elements of motivating people and learn what you can do to motivate everyone on your team
  • Understand what great leaders do, decide what you could apply in your career, and what is the right management style for you

Main Topics

  • The Transition into Management
  • What Leadership is All About?
  • Finding the Right Model for You
  • The Theory and Practice of Motivation
  • Dealing with the Organizational Environment