Mobile Design for Enterprise

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The world has gone mobile. Smartphone usage is skyrocketing and users expect to conduct business and perform transactions on their mobile devices. This will require choosing the right mobile platform and developing applications that are efficient and usable for users. We will show how mobile and responsive design techniques are changing the way designers think about their applications designs. You will learn how to develop complex multi-device and multi-platform user experiences. We will cover specific responsive and mobile visual design patterns and techniques to effectively develop multiple platforms. Accessibility and usability challenges and opportunities associated with these new techniques will be discussed. Learn from the experts who have been helping companies develop world-class enterprise mobile and Web applications for over two decades.
We will share with you the results of user testing this new breed of mobile application design to help you leverage the technology and avoid the usability pitfalls of moving your applications to mobile platforms. We will show you how to implement new interaction techniques such as mediaquery detects for optimizing viewports, touch navigation and partial form refresh to create fast, rich, compelling user experiences. Get a jump start on this compelling new technology to deliver highly effective mobile application designs for your organization.

* UX: or User Experience. UX is how people feel about and use products, systems, and services. Good UX makes people more likely to buy, use, and recommend. You can actually design UX. Lean UX is a new methodology that changes the way projects are run.
Lean UX includes the principles of Agile development and lean manufacturing, and uses methods like rapid prototyping, co-design, and cross-functional collaboration.
With everyone involved in the design process you’ll create a better product, system, or service — and a better user experience… faster!

What you will learn

  • To design complex mobile and responsive applications
  • To design multi-platform applications with enterprise data
  • To design rich, interactive mobile navigation
  • To develop effective responsive design patterns
  • To learn when to use responsive vs. native mobile design
  • To learn the benefits and challenges of responsive frameworks
  • To extend Web applications to the mobile platform with responsive design
  • To implement new mobile designs standards for enterprise consistency

Main Topics

  • Mobile Design Primer
  • Mobile UX Strategies
  • Native Mobile Design
  • Cross Platform Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Designing Transactional Mobile Applications
  • Usability Testing Mobile Designs
  • Mobile and Responsive Design Standards