Ten Golden Rules of Big Data to Plan, Design, Implement & Manage

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“Information Revolution” is brought about by the deluge of data accumulating every microsecond throughout the world. It is one thing to harvest Big Data but it is quite another to utilize it effectively to enhance decision making. Business Intelligence and analytic software systems must be capable of bringing the right information to the right people at the right time and at the right cost so that they can make the right business decisions. Most of the organizations are grappling about where to start with the Big Data and how to make use of the data accumulated for getting “insights” as well as “foresights” and “make it happen sights” - and not only settle for “hindsight”.
Whether you like it or not you have to embark on Big Data Strategy to decide whether you should start an initiative with a Big Data project immediately or sit on the fence and see the train pass by. At least you have to consider Big Data Technologies and their implementations and then make an informed decision about your action plans about Big Data initiatives.

What you will learn

  • Atre’s Ten Golden Rules of Big Data and How to implement the Ten Golden Rules in your organizations
  • Why is Big Data handling feasible now?
  • Learn about some of the technologies that are making handling Big Data possible
  • How are users responding to the Big Data?
  • Big Data is not necessarily good data. The key to finding actionable information that makes a tangible difference to the bottom line is to know which data to discard and which data to keep
  • Understand what types of skills are needed to make your Big Data Projects successful
  • Learn how to organize, integrate and analyze data to create effective and efficient intelligence for the business
  • Where to start with Big Data and “reap” the benefits?

Main Topics

  • Rule 1: The Big Data System for Business Analytics Rule
  • Rule 2: The Big Data System Access Rule
  • Rule 3: The Big Data System Scalability Rule
  • Rule 4: The Big Data System Flexibility Rule
  • Rule 5: The Big Data System Security and Privacy Rule
  • Rule 6: The Big Data System Visualization Rule
  • Rule 7: The Big Data System Dispersion and Reassembly Rule
  • Rule 8: The Big Data System Dormant Data Access Rule
  • Rule 9: The Big Data System Skill set Rule
  • Rule 10: The Big Data System “Big Human Judgment” Rule
  • Why is Big Data handling feasible now?
  • How are users responding to the Big Data?
  • The Very Important Rule of Big Data Systems
  • Where to start with Big Data?