Application Development in the Age of Cloud and Mobile

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How do you evolve your application development strategy to enable the digital enterprise, consisting of Cloud, Mobile, Big Data and Social? Gartner calls this the “Nexus of forces”, in IDC terminology it is known as the “Third Platform”. The diversity of today’s IT landscape requires a fundamental shift in how we develop applications – or not develop applications. There is a plethora of new tools and no shortage of vendor claims to reduce cost and accelerate time to market.
The Cloud has become an indispensable component of most IT organizations. However, there is much confusion about designing applications such that they can take advantage of the key Cloud capabilities (i.e. elasticity and reliability). We will discuss 7 patterns for application design that yield progressively more benefit for applications deployed in the Cloud, but come with increasing development complexity. While Cloud applications can be implemented using traditional tools, PaaS products and services are gaining in popularity. The seminar provides an overview of the different types of PaaS tools and illustrates their capabilities through product examples.
Our application development strategy also needs to consider the high demand by employees and customers to get mobile access to our business systems. We will compare the three approaches to building enterprise mobile applications: device native, web based, and hybrid. Depending on the development approach we choose, we need to consider different ways of integrating mobile apps with our enterprise systems - but this is just one piece of the integration puzzle. Data and applications are proliferating and we also need to integrate on-premise with Cloud based applications, as well as applications within and across Clouds.
IT organizations today are facing an extended ecosystem that goes beyond applications that are under their control – business partners want to connect their systems to ours, and external app developers are building consumer apps that provide easy access to the products and services of major companies. APIs are rapidly becoming the predominant approach to externalizing applications and to evolve the digital enterprise. In fact, many companies find the API approach so valuable that they apply it to their internal development as well.

What you will learn

  • To understand how to develop applications for the Cloud
  • To see what the strategies of major PaaS vendors are and how their tools stack up
  • To learn about the three different approaches to building mobile apps and how to decide between them
  • To understand what Web APIs are, how they can be used to connect with your business partners, and how to attract a broad community of app developers to promote your brand
  • To distinguish between hype vs. reality so that you can use the right technology to solve the right problem in your organization
  • To learn how integration middleware can facilitate integration of applications within your Enterprise, the Cloud, and Mobile apps

Main Topics

  • Overview of Cloud Computing
  • PaaS – Building Applications for the Cloud
  • Mobile Web, Hybrid, or Device Native?
  • Integrating Cloud, Mobile, and Enterprise Systems
  • Evolving the Digital Enterprise through APIs