IT Performance:
getting IT results with data, not intuition

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The success and growth of every IT organization is dependent upon how it uses its critical data to track performance and make decisions. The principal is based on the understanding that "You don't get what you want, you get what you measure". In spite of this, far too many IT departments are overwhelmed with measures and underwhelmed with the results from those measures. Why? Because IT organizations do not know the secrets of how to unlock the potential of performance measurement. Performance measurement is not understood.

This course clears up much of the confusion surrounding performance measurement for IT. It provides practical approaches and frameworks that provide insights and into your most critical performance measurement questions.

What you will learn

  • The seven deadly sins of performance measurement
  • Why the "right" IT performance measures are critical for IT organizations to exceed
  • How to exploit the principles and concepts that underlie effective IT performance measurement programs
  • How to differentiate effective IT performance measures from ineffective or misleading measures
  • How the right use of IT performance measures is a powerful change enabler
  • How to use IT performance measures as the basis for implementing IT and corporate strategy
  • The subtle but important differences between types of IT performance measures
  • When it is most appropriate to use each type of measure
  • The common pitfalls inherent in IT performance measurement programs
  • What frameworks are appropriate for which situations to achieve break-through IT results
  • What an IT Balanced Scorecard is and how it can be instrumental to implement IT strategy
  • What an IT Dashboard is and when to use it to get results

Main Topics

  • Overview of IT Performance Measurement
  • The Common Pitfalls of Performance Measurement
  • The Difference Between a “Dashboard” and a “Scorecard”
  • The “Science” of Proven Performance Measurement Techniques and how to apply them to IT
  • The “Art” of IT Performance Measurement
  • IT Performance Measurement for monitoring and improving IT Operations
  • IT Performance Measurement for implementing Change - Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard
  • Putting the Balanced Scorecard to work in IT
  • Selecting the “Right” IT Measures
  • The Ten Keys to an Effective IT Performance Measurement Program
  • Bringing it All Together