IT Platform 3.0 Conference:
using Cloud, Mobile and Web API

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by Max Dolgicer, Gerhard Bayer, Frank Greco, Wendy Kan, Hans Hultgren download a PDF brochure Download Event Brochure


IT organizations have been facing many changes in recent years, and some have an unprecedented impact. On top of the list are the diminishing influence over the business, loss of control over what IT services will be delivered and how, as well as the need to increase the speed and agility of IT projects. At the core of this problem is the emergence of the 3rd IT Platform and the consumerization of IT, where innovative technologies are now coming from the consumer world rather than the businesses world. This challenges the traditional role of IT, yet it also represents an opportunity for IT to reinvent itself. IT must transform itself by becoming a leader in the new technologies and developing strategies to deliver new IT capabilities quicker, thus making IT an indispensable business enabler rather than a just a utility or a service. This conference will explain how the 3rd IT Platform technologies like Cloud, Mobile, and Web API enable this transformation and fuel new IT innovation.
This Conference will demonstrate in details how each of these technologies can be used to create new IT opportunities, minimize risks and overcome the challenges they pose. Case in point, Cloud requires IT to take on new roles, for example as a cloud service provider, service broker, and cloud consulting organization, let alone to create solutions and convince the business community when Cloud needs to be in IT control and when it’s appropriate to yield control to a public Cloud provider. The diversity of mobile devices can be successfully supported with the right mobile architecture and strategy, which needs to consider platform and user experience requirements, available skills, as well as the demand for integration. Web API is quickly becoming the norm on how companies allow the outside world to access their internal applications. But we also have to embrace a new approach to IT projects. What used to be big budget, long term, and high risk projects is being replaced with more agile short term projects, where budgets are iteratively assigned, and short term success determines the continuation of a project.

Main Topics

  • Moving to the 3rd IT Platform and Beyond – Challenges and Opportunities (Keynote)
  • Choosing and Using PaaS Tools to Develop Cloud Applications
  • When and how to Build Private and Hybrid Clouds
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) - New Business Models and the Impact on IT
  • The Enterprise Store – Central Intelligence for the 3rd IT Platform
  • Integrating Mobile and Desktop Paradigms – Mobilizing the Enterprise
  • Selecting the Right Architecture, Platforms and Tools for Mobile Applications
  • A Roadmap for Migrating Legacy Applications to the Cloud
  • Best Practices for IT Projects based on Web APIs
  • The Evolving Market of Web API Technologies - a New Breed of Middleware