HTML5: Software Development for Web and Mobile Applications

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In this expert-led, cutting-edge HTML5 training course attendees will learn how to apply the major feature areas that make up HTML5 into desktop and mobile applications:

  • Semantic markup and forms
  • CSS3
  • Multimedia
  • Graphics and 3D
  • Device access
  • Performance
  • Offline and Storage
  • Connectivity

HTML5 is the next major milestone in HTML and it is not just another incremental enhancement; it represents an enormous advance for modern Web applications. HTML5 is such a big step forward. In this HTML5 Mobile Mastery course, attendees will learn how to create HTML5 Web pages and web applications using the new markup, CSS3, and HTML5 JavaScript APIs. Over the course of three action-packed days, HTML5 Mobile Mastery covers all the new features in HTML5 and their use in practical applications, especially mobile applications. The course outlines current browser support, trends in the market, common traps, effective development techniques, and how to make the new features work in older browsers.
In this hands-on HTML5 Mobile Mastery course, attendees will learn how to enhance existing sites and create highly interactive Web applications using HTML5.

What you will learn

  • To create interactive server-side and client-side Web pages using the latest HTML5 technologies
  • To reuse HTML content in multiple contexts, including across multiple browsers, screen sizes, and orientations
  • To ceate pages the securely combine information from multiple sources
  • To design and construct complete, scalable client-server applications running across the Web
  • To maintain backward compatibility with legacy browsers

Main Topics

  • Understanding HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Server-Based Web Application
  • Multimedia and Interactive Graphics
  • Client-Server Web Applications
  • HTML5 and Mobile Application Development