International Data Warehouse, Business Analytics and BI Summit 2014

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by Mike Ferguson, Cindi Howson, Jen Underwood, Carsten Bange download a PDF brochure Download Event Brochure


The Business Intelligence (BI) market has changed dramatically since Enterprise Data Warehousing began some 25 years ago. Today, development of BI reports and dashboards has shifted to the business with Self-Service BI now established in many business departments. IT has moved to a more agile approach to Data Warehouse development and there is a growth in deployment of BI systems on Cloud Computing platforms.
In addition, changing business requirements means that many companies now want to analyse new data sources that may vary in data type and are not just structured. This has resulted in a new profession emerging in addition to the traditional Business Analyst - the Data Scientist. In addition it has also meant that new analytics have emerged to deal with these new data types. All of this has focused attention on new tools and techniques to analyse data as well as new analytical data stores. But how does all this link together? How does the Data Scientist work with the Business Analyst and what about the Decision Makers? It seems that the industry hype on the Data Scientist has meant we have forgotten about information consumers making decisions.

This Summit examines trends in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence and examines how organizations can extend the traditional Data Warehouses to satisfy new business needs while integrating Business Analytics and Business Intelligence to deliver actionable insights to information consumers to act on for competitive advantage. It also looks at the growing problem of distributed data and how to deal with this



Main Topics

  • Mega Trends in BI and Data Management
  • Failures and Fixes for Self-Service BI
  • Is Microsoft's Power BI in Excel a BI and Data Discovery "Killer App"?
  • Predictive Analytics, the Next Big Thing in BI
  • Analytical Use Cases for Big Data
  • Is Analysing Big Data using SQL a good idea?
  • Taming the Distributed Data Landscape with Enterprise Data Integration
  • Cool BI: Emerging Innovations in BI Technology