Extreme Project Management

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Historically, all software projects have involved risk and pressure — but many of the projects in today's chaotic Business environment involve such intense pressure that they require non-standard, radical management techniques. This seminar is a survival guide for managers and project team members who are about to embark upon a "mission impossible" effort.

The seminar is not about the things we would all like to do, to "do it right" and it is not a conventional sermon about the benefits of rapid prototyping and iterative development life-cycles. While we all believe in rigorous software methodologies and the "Boy Scout" virtues that lead to high levels of software quality and easily maintainable systems, they can be counter-productive and even fatal in high-pressure "do-or-die" projects.

Death-March Project Management is concerned with five key aspects of a project: politics, people, process, project-management, and tools. Death-March doesn't pull any punches, and does not beat around the bush when it comes to hard-hitting advice. Don't come to this seminar if you want to know what "nice" people do in "nice" projects; come instead if you've been thrown into a nasty, ugly project where everyone has come to the conclusion that the "standard way of doing business" will lead to a guaranteed failure.

Main Topics

  • Extreme Projects Politics
  • Extreme Projects Negotiations
  • Extreme Projects Peopleware issues
  • Extreme Projects Processes
  • The Dynamics of Processes
  • Simulators and “war games” for modeling Extreme Projects
  • Extreme Projects Control
  • Extreme Projects Tools
  • Extreme Projects as a way of life