Modern Data Platforms

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To deliver more business value from Big Data and Business Analytics, companies are rethinking architecture and modernizing to integrate Big Data with existing Data Warehouses and analytic databases. The Modern Data Platforms framework from Radiant Advisors is a vendor-neutral approach that enables companies to leverage the significant advancements in data management technologies, computing hardware, and BI capabilities to transform BI architectures.

The Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) industry has come a long way over the past several decades, and today we’re challenged to extend the classic architectures that have served us well in the past. A company’s Business Intelligence and analytic capabilities are now widely accepted as a return on investment, a strategic competitive advantage, and key for enabling learning organizations. With more BI capabilities to deliver than ever before - and the advancements in computing, new technologies, and access to more data - our Data Warehouse blueprints are being forced to evolve.

The sessions delivered in this seminar introduce the framework and methodologies for modernizing Data Warehouses into data platforms that combine the latest Business Value from big data and analytic databases.

What you will learn

  • A new framework for Modern Data Platforms to deliver BI capabilities
  • How Data Warehouse architectures evolve and BI capabilities mature
  • The benefits and trade-offs of analytic databases, like MPP, columnar and in-memory
  • Key requirements that drive architecture and technology decisions for meeting service levels
  • How to manage semantic context over SQL and NoSQL databases
  • How data virtualization and data services are a critical component in architecture
  • Understanding Big Data with Hadoop and MPP databases
  • Understanding other NoSQL databases from a BI perspective

Main Topics

  • Adopting the Modern Data Platform for BI
  • Benefiting from Analytics Databases
  • Essential Service-Level Requirements for Architectures
  • Agile Architecture for Evolution and Transformation
  • Key Role of Data Virtualization and Services
  • Critical Semantic Context Governance
  • Understanding the Role of Hadoop and Big Data
  • Key NoSQL Databases for Analytics