Next Generation Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence for the Smart Business

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Over the last few years the pressure has been growing to manage, integrate, analyse and act on increasing amounts of information from all kinds of data sources. Modern businesses today are not only demanding analysis of data from its own operational systems but also the ability to consume, filter and analyse data from a broad range of external data sources. There is also much more of a requirement to share and collaborate over business insight as well as access information from dashboards and mobile devices. Major advances in hardware and software have opened up opportunities to build new types of analytic applications and to better solve existing business problems that address these business needs. In addition these advances have also allow us to create more modern Data Warehouse architectures that improve flexibility and responsiveness while minimising total cost of ownership. New technologies include agile BI development products, Data Warehouse Appliances, Big Data Analytics, in-memory data, BI workspaces and dashboards, collaborative sharing of BI content, mash-ups, complex event processing, mobile BI and Data Virtualisation. This new 2-day seminar takes an in-depth look at these exciting technologies and shows how they can be put together to address new business requirements.

Main Topics

  • An Introduction to the Modern Smart Enterprise
  • New Technologies in Data Management
  • Data Warehouse Appliances and Analytical Databases
  • Agile BI Development
  • Getting Started with Predictive Analytics
  • Sharing BI Content through Social and Collaborative BI
  • Accessing BI from Mobile Devices
  • BI in a Cloud Computing Environment
  • The Impact of New Technologies of Data Warehouse Architecture