Integrating the Extended Enterprise:
On-Premise Applications, Cloud, Mobile and Web APIs

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IT departments have been under increasing pressure to increase agility and responsiveness by migrating a portfolio of independent “stovepipe” applications to set of Business services. Migration to services should not just enable IT to implement new Business initiatives faster but should also simplify application portfolios, reduce functional redundancies and improve the alignment of IT with business requirements. How to integrate on-premise applications in a predictable, consistent and repeatable fashion is a challenge that has consistently remained among the top priorities of most CIOs .
At the same time companies are quickly moving beyond utilizing the cloud for isolated point solutions. This brings a new challenge: how to integrate Cloud-based systems amongst each other and with on-premise applications? Recent surveys show that companies abandon Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions because of problems integrating SaaS with on-premise applications. When we extend our enterprise application ecosystem into the Cloud, the integration challenges become even more complicated than between on-premise applications.
Finally, the consumerization of IT and proliferation of mobile devices sets the bar even higher since now we need to support integration requirements of mobile devices with enterprise applications wherever these applications reside. This 3 days seminar is all about integration!

What you will learn

  • How to manage the integration challenges that arise when Enterprise applications are extended for mobile access
  • Why Service Oriented Architecture is an efficient approach to facilitate application integration on a large scale
  • How to architect Integration solutions and how to integrate and reduce the complexity of your application portfolio
  • How to integrate applications on-premise, in a cloud, and across Clouds
  • What Web APIs are, how they can be used to connect with your business partners, and how to attract a broad community of app developers to promote your brand
  • Distinguish between hype vs. reality so that you can use the right technology to solve the right problem in your organization
  • How Enterprise Service Buses (ESB) can enable and facilitate integration of applications within your enterprise and the Cloud

Main Topics

  • Why Integration Remains a Top Priority
  • Application Integration and Data Integration
  • Service Oriented Integration (SOI)
  • Technologies for SOI
  • Moving into the Cloud
  • Integrating with the Cloud
  • Extending Enterprise Applications with Mobile Applications
  • Integrating Mobile Apps with Backend Applications
  • The Rise of Web APIs
  • Putting It All Together: Developing an Integration Strategy for Your Company
  • Case Study