Improving Business Performance with Architecture

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Businesses today are under more pressure than ever to optimize Performance, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. All too often, Business takes an uncoordinated approach to the problem that wastes time and energy and barely makes a difference in outcomes. Instead, getting to the heart of Business Performance takes a multi-faceted approach of looking at the Business, aligning processes and information with strategies and goals, improving integration, turning information into insight with analytics and Business Intelligence, eliminating redundancies and inconsistencies, optimizing infrastructure, measuring and monitoring outcomes, and much more.
Business and Enterprise Architecture are perfectly suited to help take a big picture view of the problem, get to the root case of issues, and focus initiatives on effective transformation and improving Business Performance. The tutorial is not an overview of architecture, but instead provides a proven and focused approach for using architecture methods and principles for optimizing Business Performance.

What you will learn

  • How to define and specify Business Performance objectives
  • Why Business Performance is a cross-organizational problem
  • Overview of Business Architecture (as it relates to Business Performance)
  • How to identify the root causes of Performance issues
  • How to identify and understand the stakeholder value and Performance
  • How to identify and define Performance metrics at all levels
  • End-to-end Business processes and Performance
  • Portfolio management and Business Performance
  • Scenario based planning for Performance improvement
  • Capability driven Performance improvement
  • Why a holistic approach produces superior results

Main Topics

  • Factors influencing Business Performance
  • Architectural methods for root cause analysis
  • Identification of overall initiative design and prioritization
  • Performance measurement