Architecture Programs that Work

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Many organizations have determined that they need architecture to manage the growing complexity, cost, and alignment of IT, but are unsure about what exactly architecture is or how to get started with creating architecture or the organizational structure to support it.
The many questions and choices are confusing. Should you adopt an architecture framework? If so, which one? How do you get the most value out of tools and when is the right time to use them? What aspects of architecture (business, information, application, technology) do you need? What artifacts should be produced by the architects for each of these architectural perspectives? What skill sets do they need? How do you develop architects from within your existing resources? How do architects engage with the business, development and operations groups? How does architecture interface with outsourcers? What kind of governance is required? What value does architecture deliver and how can it be measured? This seminar will get your organization on the right track for answering these questions and immediately delivering value with architecture.

What you will learn

  • How to initiate an architecture program
  • The key to aligning deliverables with your goals, culture, and stakeholders
  • How to build a stellar Business Architecture team
  • The differences between federated and centralized structures and your approach to them
  • The difference between Enterprise and Solution Architects
  • How to align Agile and Architecture
  • The success factors and stumbling blocks to successful architecture programs
  • Just how much Governance do you need?
  • Proving your value: Using metrics

Main Topics

Key success factors for architecture
The structure of architecture programs
Identifying, defining and designing architecture deliverables
Identifying, quantifying and delivering value with architecture