Cloud, Mobile and Social International Conference 2013

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by Max Dolgicer, Gerhard Bayer, Frank Greco, Tim Walters, Sebastian Dashner, Chris Swan, Jarrod Gingras, Mario Finetti download a PDF brochure Download Event Brochure


Many industry pundits think that IT Consumerization is an unstoppable force that raises the expectations of business users above and beyond the capabilities and user experience of business applications that IT has been rolling out until recent. They can be hardly blamed...
Not so long ago it used to be that the best technology experiences people had at their workplaces. Now, with the proliferation (or democratization) of Cloud, Mobile and Social combined with ubiquitous bandwidth, data, and real time analytics, they have become used to doing new and exciting things themselves, outside of their workplace. Moreover, they bring amazingly capable mobile devices to work, demanding the same ease of use from their business applications as well as the ability to use consumer applications in the workplace for better productivity.
Cloud, Mobile and Social are the Mega-trends that profoundly redefine how business applications have to be procured, designed, developed and deployed. These technologies are the real game changer. For IT people this creates both, strong opportunities and substantial headaches.
The traditional role of Enterprise IT especially in large organizations has been centered on control. This role has always been challenged to some degree by power users employing high level tools to build short-lived (situational) applications or hiring software developers to build and deploy “accidental” applications. The mega-trends pose even greater challenges to IT control that has been so religiously fostered and protected for many decades.
These challenges have been amplified when end users see what's going on in the personal world, where Social media, Collaboration and Mobile devices combined with user interface design, ready-to-use applications and agile un-expensive technology have substantially improved their personal lives.
Thus, Enterprise IT must redefine itself by providing the same impact and value but in a business context. The main objectives of this Conference are to provide a detailed overview of the new Mega-trends and technologies that are rocking the industry, identify which trends are real and which are perceived, and define the challenges that IT faces in the world of IT Consumerization. We will also discuss the opportunities and solutions how these technologies can be used to create business value by introducing brand new capabilities, and by extending your current eco-systems to capitalize on the Mega-trends.

Main Topics

  • IT Consumerization - Separating hype from reality and the evolving role of IT
  • How to achieve the benefits of Cloud Computing promises and minimize the risks
  • Cloud Governance and Management and why SOA still matters
  • Moving existing applications into Cloud - challenges, opportunities and best practices
  • Extending business applications to mobile devices
  • Cloud Security
  • Building and managing private and hybrid Clouds
  • Using Cloud as a Platform - IaaS, PaaS or something else? The connected, collaborative Enterprise: corporate platforms for social software
  • Social networks: turning chatter into Business Intelligence
  • The impact of new browser technologies (HTML5/Websocket) on building the RTE (Real-Time Enterprise)
  • Integrating the extended Enterprise and why integration becomes more challenging
  • A unified Architecture for the new IT - embracing SOA, Cloud, and Mobile