International Summit on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

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by Mike Ferguson, Claudia Imhoff, Colin White, Rick van der Lans download a PDF brochure Download Event Brochure


In this tough economy, maximizing Business benefit from Business Intelligence and analytics is becoming critical to Business survival. That involves leveraging the right analytical platforms and techniques to produce insight needed competitive advantage. It also involves making sure that information producers can easily access data and quickly share insight with decision makers so that they can collaborate with others and act in a timely manner whether from a browser or a mobile device. However today, the traditional approach to producing BI is changing. New analytical platforms are available, Data Virtualisation is simplifying access to data and data architecture, Big Data technology allows us to analyse customer interactions as well as customer transactions and Self-Service BI tools are now the norm.
The objectives of this Summit are to help you understand these new Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing technologies, identify how to put them together in a modern architecture and explain how to leverage the latest innovations in Self-Service, Collaborative and Mobile BI for competitive advantage.



Main Topics

  • Succeeding with Self Service BI While Avoiding Anarchy
  • Deploying and Using Data discovery and visualization tools
  • Simplifying data access to data using Data Virtualization in a Self-Service BI environment
  • A practical guide to effective Mobile BI deployment
  • Key metrics and analytical techniques for customer retention and increasing customer value
  • Exploiting Big Data and Advanced Analytics to improve customer interaction
  • Sharing Insight for competitive advantage - Practical use cases for Collaborative BI
  • Redefining data architectures for BI systems

Panel - “Trusted data – Managing Data Quality and master data in a Self-Service BI world”