Successful CRM using Data Mining

by Weaver James


You’ve heard about how Data Mining is helping organizations increase revenues, cut costs, and maximize he value of their Data Warehouses and you’re ready to take advantage of those benefits yourself. Data Mining helps you accomplish these goals by discovering predictive patterns and relationships in your data. Data Mining provides the engine that powers successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications in both the traditional and e-Commerce realms. The sheer volume of customer information and increasingly complex interactions with customers have made Data Mining a necessity. Data Mining helps select the right prospects on whom to focus, offer the right additional products to existing customers, and identify good customers who may be about to leave. The result is improved revenue because of a greatly improved ability to respond to each individual contact in the best way, and reduced costs due to properly allocating your resources. Data Mining is also being widely applied in such diverse areas as, fraud detection, Data
Warehouse design, manufacturing quality control, human resources, and pharmaceutical research.
What you need is REAL-WORLD guidance, not theoretical discussions. You need advice that’s UNBIASED, not slanted toward one particular vendor’s software.
Here’s the course for you! This two-day seminar will give you the skills you need to use Data Mining optimally in making Business decisions. The course emphasizes the PRACTICAL application of Data Mining. Rather than just telling you how wonderful Data Mining is, you will participate in solving problems using Data Mining.
Over 40% of the class time is spent in working together to analyze selected sample data sets.