Mastering the Requirements Process Part. 2

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The legendary course continues. This workshop gives you ways of taking your projects to a higher level of requirements excellence. The last five years have seen considerable improvements in the techniques and processes we use to gather and communicate requirements.
Our "Volere" requirements template has been used by a wide variety of organisations all over the world. The successful application of things like modelling, requirements templates, fit criteria, quality gateway, etc. have highlighted other areas where we need to improve our requirements skills.
We show you ways of choosing the best set of requirements to give you a competitive edge and still get your product to market on time.
A good requirements engineer has the skill of helping a wide variety of people communicate with each other.
The project sociology structure in this seminar helps you to discover the correct stakeholders for your project.
Then we give you proven techniques for helping them to be involved in the appropriate parts of the project and even more importantly to stay involved throughout.

What you will learn

  • Using your requirements deliverables as input to Project Management
  • Being agile - choosing the level of requirements you need for fast results
  • Assessing commercial off the shelf (COTS) software using requirements techniques
  • Exploiting requirements deliverables for Risk Management and cost estimation
  • Integrating creative requirements practices for innovative products
  • Maximising the value of your requirements investment
  • Taking advantage of requirements practices to enable change
  • Matching project success indicators and good requirements practices
  • Building a requirements knowledge model for communication and traceability

Main Topics

  • More Effective Requirements
  • Requirements Sociology
  • Inventing Better Products
  • Requirements Value
  • Meta-Management and Multi-Technology
  • Requirements for Existing Systems
  • Stories and Prototypes in Requirements
  • Your Accelerated Framework