Creating XML and Web Services Solutions

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The current revolution in Service-Oriented Architecture Frameworks is being implemented by Web Services, an application development and interoperation approach based on XML. Web Services is a low-cost and rapid alternative to in-house development, integration, and ERP support. Enterprises have already begun to benefit from Web Services applications based on J2EE and .NET.
This seminar addresses the roles, benefits, and implementation of Web Services and XML, including Business Intelligence, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), application design, development, and implementation, key technologies, vendors, products, standards, best practices, performance factors, testing, and data exchange. This is a real-world seminar illustrated with case studies illustrating solutions that are being used by the most successful companies today.

What you will learn

  • How to create XML documents
  • How to manage XML Meta Data
  • How to transform XML and non-XML data
  • How to choose XML Data Servers and other tools
  • How to design Client-side and Server-side XML applications
  • How to embed XML in HTML documents
  • How to integrate applications using XML and Web Services
  • How to choose applications for XML and Web Services implementation
  • How to implement Web Services standards and technologies
  • How to leverage Web Services capabilities of existing software
  • How to develop a Web Services application
  • How to choose Web Services integration and development tools
  • How to integrate Web Services into your IT infrastructure

Main Topics

  • Core XML Standards
  • Programming and Manipulating XML
  • Modeling XML Vocabularies
  • Creating XML Schemas from UML
  • Web Services Architecture
  • Web Services Environments
  • Core Web Services Standards
  • Building a J2EE Web Services Application
  • The Microsoft Development Environment
  • Comparing and Integrating .NET and J2EE
  • Designing for High Availability
  • Integrating Applications with Web Services
  • Web Services Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Action Workshop