International Summit on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing 2012

by Mike Ferguson, Claudia Imhoff, Colin White, John O' Brien


Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) have become essential for supporting smart Business decisions, increasing revenues, and remaining competitive. A BI/DW system, however, is not the only component of a decision-making environment, and today’s Business users are frustrated with the poor ease of use and lack of integration between the applications and tools they use to gather the information they need in their jobs. If a company is to truly become a Smart Enterprise and gain value from its decision support investments it must solve this issue and provide Business users with an integrated interface to the information they need for informed decision making. Fortunately, vendors are beginning to recognize this issue and are starting to deliver solutions that integrate many of today’s decision-making technologies.

This Summit examines the convergence of BI and Data Warehousing with related technologies such as Collaborative and Social Computing, search, office systems, Web and content management systems, mobile computing, and so forth. It will help you understand the many different use cases and technology combinations that exist and determine the most appropriate one for your organization, so that it can become a Smart Enterprise.



Main Topics

  • Next Generation Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
  • Putting Business Back in BI
  • Using Customer Analytics To Outperform Your Competition
  • Finding Business Value in Social Computing
  • Self-Service BI: The Benefits of Collaborative Computing
  • The Convergence of Search and BI
  • Developing Taxonomies and Glossaries for BI and Data Warehousing
  • The Impact of New Technologies on Data Integration and Data Governance
  • Supporting the Data Scientist: A New Role for BI