International Big Data and Advanced Analytics Summit 2012

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by Mike Ferguson, Colin White, Mark Madsen, Rick van der Lans download a PDF brochure Download Event Brochure


Big Data and advanced analytics are big news and it seems like every vendor has managed to work these buzzwords into its marketing messages. The noise about Big Data and Advanced Analytics has become so loud that many people feel the term has become abused and overused. Despite the hype, there is no question that customers are gaining significant Business value from Big Data solutions and advanced analytics. The objectives of this Summit are to help you separate reality from the hype, explain the types of applications that can benefit from these new Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing technologies, and identify which technology should be used for any given solution.


Main Topics

  • Big data and advanced analytics use cases and case studies
  • Transforming, manipulating and archiving data using NoSQL
  • Modeling multi-structured data in a big data environment
  • Integrating, cleaning and governing big data in a logical data warehouse
  • Big data analytics and self-service BI: strange bedfellows?
  • Advanced analytics: an overview of techniques and uses
  • Getting started on big data projects
  • Analyzing data in motion: streaming analytics
  • Choosing the right system software and hardware for your big data project