Understanding Enterprise SOA

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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has emerged as the next major architectural style, especially for Enterprise solutions. The potential benefits of SOA in terms of flexibility, agility, cost, and time to market have encouraged most Enterprises to adopt or plan for SOA technologies. But is the marketing hype just setting up SOA to deliver another major disappointment (remember ERP, BPR, Objects, Components)? To achieve the full potential of SOA requires that it be seen from an Enterprise and architectural perspective. This seminar, covers the basic concepts of SOA: architecture; services, Business processes, and semantics, and positions them in the context of the overall Enterprise and Enterprise Architecture. Then, the seminar presents architecture and design methods and strategies that will lead to the most effective service identification and design. Students will gain an overall understanding of SOA and an appreciation for its role in the overall Enterprise and within Enterprise solutions.
The tutorial is structured as a mix of presentation, interactive discussion, group-based exercises, and Case Study so that students get the chance to apply the techniques learned to example scenarios during the facilitated exercises.
This seminar describes an overview of SOA Architecture principles and positions SOA within the context of Enterprise solutions and Enterprise Architecture, illustrated with an extensive Case Study.

Main Topics

• What makes a good service?
• How do you identify services?
• How big should a service be?
• How do you expose existing applications as services?
• How do you structure services to support Enterprise solutions?
• What is the relationship between SOA and Enterprise Architecture?