Real-Time Analytics and Operational BI

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There is no doubt that Business Intelligence is fundamental to growing and managing a successful Business. However many organisations have simply got traditional BI set-ups that are not used by front-line workers in Business operations. Many companies have not yet managed to use Business analytics to optimise every-day Business operations. To make this happen requires that analytics to be are integrated into operational processes and applications in the context of the activity being performed by each and every user. Operational BI for Smart Business implementation therefore includes:

• BI Web services to integrate BI into operational Business processes
• Developing and deploying scoring models for automatic Real-Time analysis
• Real-Time monitoring of operational events to detect exceptions and opportunities as they happen
• On-demand and event driven data integration for Real-Time analysis
• On-demand and event driven reporting
• Rules engines to make automatic decisions and take automatic actions
• Automated alerts
• Live recommendations
• Guided analytics
• Dynamically guided smart processes
• Activity based costing to monitor and measure the cost of operating
• Enterprise Data Governance for trusted data
• Live Dashboards and CPM Scorecards
• Dynamic event-driven budgeting and planning

The seminar takes an in-depth look at the technologies and methodologies needed to integrate Operational BI into every day Business Process operations.

Main Topics

• An introduction to Real-Time Analytics and operational BI
• Business optimisation and Operational BI
• Technologies and tools for implementing Real-Time Analytics and Operational BI
• Architectures and methodologies for Operational BI
• Integrating BI into Operational Business Processes
• Real time Analytics and Operational BI for smart CRM and supply chain operations
• Empowering people through Collaborative Operational BI
• The final step - Active Management for continuous optimisation