Maximising the Use of Business insight through Collaborative, Social & Mobile Business Intelligence

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For most organisations while hierarchical management structures remain intact, the idea that all decisions should only be made at strategic and line management levels is no longer the case. Today, executives are calling for mass contribution to the execution of a common Business strategy across all levels of the Enterprise. To make this possible requires the ability to dynamically form communities, to share and collaborate over information more easily in order to make better decisions and become more responsive. This means that the Enterprise needs to be flattened and liberated allow people to communicate from whatever device they want as and when needed to compete more effectively in the marketplace. The arrival of Facebook and similar Social Network technology has made this possible but only the public Internet. But what about inside the firewall? How can we change the way people share information and collaborate inside the Enterprise and exploit mobile devices to maximise the use of Business insight across the workforce?

This1-day master class looks at Collaborative, Social and Mobile Computing and how it is coming together with BI to facilitate easier sharing, collaboration and acting on information. It looks at how BI platforms are changing to open up self-service BI, make BI accessible from mobile devices while adding and integrating with Collaborative and Social capabilities to facilitate mass contribution to Business performance.

What you will learn

• Increase the use of Business Intelligence and other related insight in your organisation
• Open up Collaboration across all levels of the Enterprise
• Understand how BI platforms are advancing to exploit Collaborative and Social Computing
• Understand how BI platforms are advancing to support mobile BI
• How to formulate a strategy for Collaborative and Social BI
• How to formulate a strategy for Mobile BI
• How to bring Collaborative, Social and Mobile BI together to become more competitive and responsive in the marketplace

Main Topics

• An Introduction to Collaborative and Social BI
• BI and Search in the Collaborative Enterprise – making insight easier to find
• Mobile Computing in the Enterprise
• Mobile BI – Extending the reach to new devices
• Deploying Mobile BI into the Enterprise
• Integrating Mobile BI with other Applications and Services