Agile Project Management

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Though the basic principles of “Agile” software development were first published as a “manifesto” nearly a decade ago, and though some IT Professionals argue they have been “Agile” for much longer than that, it has only been during the past year or two that it has begun to reach “mainstream” status in the IT industry. At the same time, more IT organizations are beginning to realize that “Agile” is more than just a simple philosophy to “be flexible.”

Indeed, there are detailed, specific guidelines as well as case studies and references that can be used to dramatically increase the chances of success in an Agile Project. Having managed, guided, coached, and lectured about Agile Project Management since its early days, Ed Yourdon has collected these guidelines and experiences into an intense, detailed seminar that will help seminar delegates succeed with their own Agile Projects.

Main Topics

  • Why Agile is becoming mainstream
  • An overview of the Agile process
  • The difference between Agile processes and Agile Management
  • Key elements of Agile Management
  • Managing people in Agile Projects
  • Managing teams in Agile Projects
  • Planning, Estimating and scheduling Agile Projects
  • Monitoring and controlling progress in Agile Projects
  • Dealing with change and improvement
  • Variants and dialects of Agile
  • Confronting the myths of Agile
  • Tools for Agile