Database Fundamentals

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This seminar consists of a detailed examination of certain foundational topics introduced, but not really covered in depth, in the companion seminar “SQL and Relational Theory: How to write accurate SQL Code”. The topics in question are:

  • Set theory
  • Nulls, three-valued logic, and missing information
  • Nullology
  • Why pointers are considered harmful
  • How to make foreign keys really useful

On completion of this seminar, attendees will:

  • Have a firmer understanding of some of the foundations of relational theory
  • Know exactly why nulls and 3VL should be avoided, and what to do when they are
  • Understand exactly why pointers are excluded from the relational model and why they too should be avoided
  • Appreciate the fundamental importance of the empty set and know how, when, and why to ask appropriate nullological questions
  • See why and how the foreign key concept needs to be extended

Main Topics

  • An Introduction to Set Theory
  • Why Three-Valued Logic Doesn't Work
  • Nullology
  • Pointers Considered Harmful
  • Rethinking Foreign Keys