XML for the Enterprise

by John Kneiling


XML provides a standard meta-language syntax for exchanging data, with a potential scope well beyond documents.
This seminar addresses the role and benefits of XML in the Enterprise, including application development, deployment, and usage.
The seminar begins with a tutorial covering XML components, its language, key features, and the XML standard. Because many Enterprises will use XML in a mature heterogeneous environment, special attention is paid to integrating XML with object-oriented, message-oriented, transactional, and other middleware.
A variety of XML products, including Application Development tools, Publishers, and Servers will be discussed. XML Enterprise strategic deployment will be illustrated by a Case Study based on the use of XML by a Fortune 500 company.

Main Topics

  • The Role of XML
  • XML Benefits
  • XML Components
  • XML and Objects
  • XML and Distributed Objects
  • Key XML Features
  • XML Application Development
  • XML development tool vendors
  • XML Publishing software vendors
  • XML Server Characteristics
  • XML Server Products
  • Why XML + MOM = Application Integration
  • Open Issues