Business Intelligence, BAM and Event Processing
for Business Optimization

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There is no doubt that Business Performance Management (BPM) is becoming fundamental to building, growing and managing a successful Business.This concept is based upon the principle that improvements in performance can only be delivered if performance is measured in specific Business areas and related to strategic Business objectives and targets. A full BPM implementation therefore includes:

  • CPM/EMP/SPM Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Enterprise budgeting and planning
  • Processes and BI both integrated with Scorecards and Dashboard software (not just BI)
  • In-line analytics for on-demand BI, reports and analyses available in operations
  • BI Web Services to integrate BI into operational Business processes
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) to monitor Business process events to detect exceptions and opportunities
  • On-demand and event driven data integration to integrate historic and operational data for analysis
  • Data Mining services for automatic analysis,
  • Reporting services for on-demand and event driven reporting
  • Rules engines to make automatic decisions and take automatic actions
  • Automated alerts
  • Live recommendations
  • Guided analytics
  • Dynamically guided intelligent processes
  • Activity based costing to monitor and measure the cost of operating

This new two-day seminar provides a roadmap and methodology to creating the Right-Time Intelligent Enterprise by using methodologies and new technologies to manage a Business at both strategic and operational levels.

It looks at how Operational Performance Monitoring technologies like BAM can be integrated with Operational Business Processes and linked to Strategic Performance Management technologies such as Scorecards and Dashboards as part of a top-to-bottom Enterprise Business Performance Management program.

Main Topics

  • Intelligent Business - Redefining Business Performance Management
  • Introducing The Real-Time Intelligent Enterprise
  • Technologies and Tools for Building the Real-Time Intelligent Enterprise
  • Architecture Options And Methodologies for Intelligent Business
  • Business Process Management - New Territory for BI
  • Integrating Active Intelligence into CRM and SCM Business Operations
  • BI Networks - Integrating BI, Collaboration and Portals for Decisioning
  • The Final Step - Active Business Performance Management