Business Rules and Decisioning Masterclass
How to Make Your Business and Its Processes Truly Agile

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If your processes don't always produce the correct or consistent results, then you probably have a decisioning problem. You need the right techniques to fix these decisioning problems - process models, use cases, data models and other Business analysis tools just don't do the job.
Decisions are day-to-day, minute-to-minute decisions in running the Business. Generally, the decisions are made within some Business process, which might or might not be formally organized by a model. The important thing about these operational decisions is that they are highly repetitive - they might be taking place hundreds or thousands of times per day, per hour, or even per minute. They are predictable and fairly well structured in terms of the kinds of outcomes they produce. You want such decisions to be consistent and traceable across platforms, channels and organizational units.
Business Rules are the criteria for making these decisions. Business Rules should be treated as a first-class requirement so they can be validated, managed and changed as easily and as quickly as possible. For that, you need to know how to express Business Rules, and organize them into decision tables wherever possible.
This seminar gives you the essential insights you need to achieve order-of-magnitude improvements in your company's capacity to manage decisions. The result is simpler, smarter process models and a huge boost in Business agility. Learn applied techniques from the recognized world leader in the field.
All delegates will receive a free copy of Ron Ross's book “Business Rule Concepts” (3rd Ed.), 2009.

What you will learn

  • Conduct smarter, more effective Business analysis
  • Identify and analyze decisions in Business processes
  • Capture Business Rules
  • Write clear, Business-friendly rule statements
  • Create robust decision tables
  • Identify anomalies in decision logic and correct them early
  • Perform concept analysis and develop a structured Business vocabulary
  • Develop a pragmatic Rule Management approach

Main Topics

  • What Business Rules and Decisioning Are About
  • The Basics of Analysis
  • Business Rules and Business Processes
  • Business Rules and Business Strategy
  • Business Rules and Business Intelligence
  • Cost-Benefit
  • Business Rules and Requirements
  • From Rule Management to Business Governance
  • Fact Models: Developing a Structured Business Vocabulary
  • Decision Analysis
  • Decision Tables: Keys to Success
  • Challenging Your Business Rules
  • Retooling for Business Rules
  • Rulebook Management