Cloud, Enterprise Mobile, Social Platform and SOA – Redefining IT

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Throughout recent years Enterprise IT had to deal with a number of disruptive trends: Cloud Computing started with the replacement of in-house packages by SaaS offerings, and is now used more and more as IaaS and PaaS based alternatives to on-premise systems. This puts developers outside of Enterprise IT as well as Business users in the power seat – all they need is a limited budget and a browser in order to create their own, on-demand, shadow IT.
At the same time the consumerization of IT has materialized in form of smart phones and tablets that offer an endless pool of applications with a rich user experience. These devices are purchased by the consumer, who is also an employee, bringing these devices into the corporate environment and demanding connectivity to Enterprise systems as well as mobile Enterprise applications that provide the same convenience as his personal applications. Social Networks are the third trend that many IT Managers are struggling with: how can employee collaboration improved through the implementation of Social platforms that are under the control of Enterprise IT, and how can the public Social Networks be mined for information that can only be meaningful if it is integrated with core Enterprise systems?
Although these three trends have been following different timelines, we are now at a critical point where they converge and need to be addressed in one holistic approach. Otherwise we would repeat the mistake that we have witnessed many times before: we would create three solution silos, in addition to our existing Enterprise system, Business agility would be lost due to lack of integration, redundant system would be implemented (and maintained), and our systems of record would be compromised by the proliferation of information across these silos.
The convergence of these trends is creating a complexity that is an order of magnitude greater than our previous generation IT environment. It is therefore more important than ever to develop an architecture blueprint that enables us to manage this complexity and avoid building next generation silos. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can provide the fabric that unifies these new initiatives and brings order to an IT environment that is at the brink of chaos.

Main Topics

• How to maximize the benefits and minimize the risk in IaaS Clouds
• Private and hybrid Clouds – more than virtualization
• PaaS: Cloud-washed or Cloud-native?
• Connecting Enterprise systems to smart devices: the thin mobile approach
• Building and managing device native mobile Enterprise applications
• The new Social: collaborative and (hopefully) integrated with Enterprise systems
• SOA as the proven fabric for managing the new IT-complexity