Designing Web 2.0 Applications

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The convergence of  Windows and the Web is upon us. Google Maps, Gmail, Flickr and a variety of new AJAX and Rich Internet applications have begun to legitimize moving beyond HTML to deliver interactive applications that deliver the best of the Web and the best of the desktop application experience.
We will show how these techniques are changing the way designers think about their application designs. You will learn how Web 2.0 applications are using new interaction techniques to replace existing Client Server and windows applications without sacrificing user productivity. Plus, you'll see the usability challenges introduced when these new interaction techniques are implemented.

What you will learn

  • Learn how Ajax and Web 2.0 applications will transform Websites
  • Design next generation applications to leverage Web Services
  • Design rich, interactive navigation styles
  • Develop effective Web 2.0 design Patterns
  • Design interactive mapping applications
  • Design fast, efficient transactional Web 2.0 applications
  • Integrate RSS Feeds to enhance your content