Extending BI to support Online Marketing and Customer Analysis

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Almost every organization has a web site, but few link their Web Analytics data with the rest of the information in the organization. Online advertising and email campaigns are often measured by manually pasting multiple reports into Excel to tie them to Web Analytics data. The best performing organizations integrate their Web site, online marketing and customer data.

Social Media applications like Facebook are the highest traffic sites on the Internet and generate the bulk of mobile data usage today. Many are beginning to open up access to their data or are allowing users to share that data with trusted third parties. The social and behavioral data that can be collected from online sources are a growing part of the information portfolio.

These new information sources allow us to better understand customer sentiment and influence, brand awareness, purchasing habits, pricing strategies, segments and more. Combined with modern analysis techniques, Web Analytics and social data provide much deeper insights into consumer behavior.

This seminar provides an overview of Web Analytics, Social Media, online marketing and the data that is available for use. The goal is to show what data is available today, how to integrate and store it, and how analyzing this data can be used to improve customer acquisition, retention and service in our organizations. We will examine Case Studies from banking, retail, telecom and government, and see demonstrations of tools and techniques.

What you will learn

  • How and why the Web, Mobile and Social Media are influencing companies
  • About basic Web concepts, technical elements and Social Media sites
  • Marketing and customer metrics and analysis techniques
  • How to integrate Web Analytics, Online Marketing and Social Media data
  • Tools and technologies to extract, manage and analyze the data