Modern Cloud Infrastructure, Microservices/Serverless, Machine Learning, IoT and Blockchain

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by Frank Greco, Bert Ertman , Steve Ross-Talbot , Stefano Calzolari , Luciano Resende , Marco Tranquillin, Laurent Bugnion download a PDF brochure Download Event Brochure


It is well understood enterprises are collections of successful, collaborating business units with a common goal of profitability. However in today's business environment, real-time changeability and rapid adaptability are essential qualities for maximizing revenue and profitability. To meet these new requirements, enterprises must deal with changing business models, modern Cloud infrastructure, hybrid datacenter architectures, services platforms, new approaches to security and analyzing huge volumes of data for customer insights.

Many of the world's biggest and most successful enterprises such as Google, Amazon, Twitter and Microsoft understand today's enterprise architecture must be modeled as a large adaptive ecosystem that uses modern tools and strategies. This approach requires an understanding of the latest trends in modern Cloud computing, serverless, effective client-endpoints, security and Machine Learning. Every informed technology executive, technical manager and architect should be aware of these trends, tools and techniques. This Conference brings a collection of international experts to explore each of these topics in detail and discuss how enterprises can rapidly innovate in today's modern environment.


Main Topics

  • Modern Cloud Architecture in 2019
  • Microservices and Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS)
  • Enterprise Migration to the Cloud
  • Effective Application of Serverless Computing
  • Practical Tips on a Highly Distributed Enterprise Architecture
  • Microservices vs Traditional SOA Monitoring
  • Importance of DevOps to Microservices
  • Understanding Machine Learning
  • Best Practices with Machine Learning in the Enterprise
  • Data Science and Training Workbenches
  • Serverless and IoT for the Enterprise
  • Blockchain Applications in the Enterprise
  • Trends for Beyond 2019
  • Many Use Cases