Agile Enterprise IT Conference:
Containers, Microservices, Blockchain, Serverless, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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by James Weaver, Nick Meyne, Frank Greco, Ray Tsang, Chris Swan, Bert Ertman , Steve Ross-Talbot download a PDF brochure Download Event Brochure


Business agility is the necessary quality of an enterprise to rapidly respond to a changing market or operational environment. This adaptability and flexibility is critical for today’s modern companies and large organizations, particularly with on and off-premises Cloud-based systems. For the senior information technology (IT) professional, understanding how to successfully manage change in such a complex environment is a core competency that drives transformation.

Many of the world’s biggest and most successful Internet companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Uber, have learned to become agile and create such flexible, cloud and on-premises systems. They understand today’s Enterprise Architecture must be modeled as a large, complex adaptive system with a management framework. However this type of model requires new approaches.

To build these types of systems, there are a number of modern tools, new techniques and clear trends in using Microservices, Serverless architectures along with innovations in Machine Learning that every informed technology executive, technical manager and enterprise architect should know.

A Conference focused on innovative technologies, powerful techniques and effective strategies for the modern enterprise. Sessions will cover real-world experiences and valuable lessons learned with Microservices, Serverless Computing, Containers, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This Conference covers these topics and brings together senior IT consultants, enterprise architects, and services experts from some of the most influential leading-edge technology companies on the planet.

Main Topics

  • What Can Go Wrong with Microservices
  • Introduction to Serverless Computing
  • Create a Hybrid Cloud with Kubernetes
  • Intelligent Routing and Management of Microservices
  • Best Practices in a Highly Distributed Enterprise Architecture
  • Machine Learning Exposed - The Fundamentals
  • Deploying Security at Scale
  • The Value of Blockchain in the Enterprise
  • Latest Innovations with The Modern Web