The Strategic Project Leadership® Workshop

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Strategic Project Leadership® (SPL) is the most advanced approach today to Project Management. Based on twenty years of research and consulting, it is building on the foundations of traditional Project Management to focus projects on innovation and business results, rather than just meeting time and budget goals.

The course is transforming Project Managers into CEOs of their projects, who must look at the strategic and business aspects of their projects and provide vision and inspiration to project teams. It is also teaching them how to deal with “one size does not fit all projects” and adapt projects to their unique environments.

The course presents a formal framework and tools to train managers to apply the SPL concepts during project planning and execution. It introduces the “Diamond of Innovation” and the “Star of Business,” for project effective project planning and execution. It then presents twelve principles for implementation of the SPL approach in the organization.

The delegates will gain 30 PDUs.

What you will learn

  • Learn to function as the CEO of your project, using a strategic approach for leading business-focused, highly profitable and more efficient projects
  • Develop a flexible approach to deal with the innovation in your project
  • Learn to lead using the right vision to inspire your team and have fun
  • Acquire a formal strategic tool-kit, which you could immediately apply
  • Receive the full "SPL Handbook," with all documentation needed to implement SPL, including outlines, exercises, cases, planning guidelines, and samples

Main Topics

  • Introduction – The Project Leader Responsibility
  • A New Model for Project Success
  • The SPL Planning Framework
  • Reviewing Traditional Project Management as a Foundation
  • The Business-Focus Approach – Building Project Strategy
  • Building Project Spirit – The Fun Part
  • Project Organization
  • The Diamond of Innovation
  • Implementing Strategic Project Leadership