Advanced SOA – Architected, Governed, Integrated, and Cloud-Ready

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Many companies have embraced a SOA approach for development and integration projects. Now they are embarking on the next phase – a more systematic adoption of Service-Oriented practices. However, simply buying into Middleware technologies like Enterprise Service Bus and the latest generation of development tools is not sufficient for successful implementation of an Enterprise SOA. It is time to expand our view on SOA: how can we assess the maturity level of our organization and define a roadmap for future projects? Governance has to be one of our top priorities, and we need to prepare our service based applications to run in a Cloud without requiring costly modifications.
This seminar starts with the important aspects that have to be addressed when defining an architecture blueprint, which is the cornerstone of a successful SOA. Next, the seminar gives you insight into the organizational challenges that IT and Business Managers face with the adoption of SOA. It emphasizes the role of Governance for IT organizations that need to increase their maturity level in order to achieve SOA adoption on a large (Enterprise) scale.
There should be no technology for the sake of technology – to master SOA adaption throughout an Enterprise is a multi-year undertaking. Where is the Return on Investment (ROI)? Is it worth it? We will share with you a specific ROI Model and how it was applied in a real world project. Clearly, Cloud Computing no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. We will explain why services, “services thinking”, and service based application architecture are well positioned to take advantage of the Cloud and what the synergies between SOA and Cloud Computing are. Finally the seminar discusses the major integration approaches used for projects, including portal-, data-, interface-, and process-integration, and then explains key issues and guidelines that architects should consider when defining a Service Oriented Integration Architecture

What you will learn

  • Learn how SOA can facilitate the alignment of IT with your Business
  • Identify the challenges and benefits of developing an Enterprise Architecture
  • Determine where your organization is located in a SOA Maturity Model, define a SOA Roadmap to move to the next level, and put the right SOA Governance mechanisms in place before your SOA spins out of control
  • Learn how IT culture has to change to successfully adopt the new style of architecture
  • Understand how to calculate ROI for SOA based on service reuse
  • Discover the role of SOA in Cloud Computing
  • Learn how to integrate applications in a consistent, scalable and repeatable fashion and how SOA can facilitate such an integration
  • Learn how to integrate applications in and out of the Cloud

Main Topics

  • First Things First: Enterprise and Application Architecture
  • SOA Phase 1
  • Service- or Resource-Oriented Architecture, or Both?
  • Managing the SOA Evolution: SOA Maturity Models & Roadmap
  • From Chaos to Order: SOA Governance & the IT Organization
  • Get a Running Start with SOA Governance Frameworks
  • A ROI Calculator For SOA - Let The Numbers Do the Talking
  • The New Frontier: Cloud Computing
  • The Synergy of SOA and Cloud Computing
  • Across Application Silos: The Integration Landscape
  • From Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to Internet Service Bus (ISB)
  • Putting It All Together: Developing an Integration Strategy for Your Company