Active Business Intelligence:
Implementing CPM (Corporate Performance Management) and BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)

by Shaku Atre, Dipendra S. Malhotra


In order to stay competitive, organizations need to consider CPM and BAM today. Whether in Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecommunications or Government, knowing your customers, partners, vendors, employees and competitors is crucial to your success.
Without an Integrated infrastructure to analyze, define, profile and update information as a collaborative activity, you often have "just too late" identification of market's changes.
This workshop, with extensive case studies, provides methodical steps that will assist you with your Business needs analysis, cost-benefit analysis, risk assessment, designing activities and deployment of Corporate Performance Management Systems.
Atre?s Business Intelligence Best Practices (ABIBP) gives you the tools you need in order to implement the Business critical phases and processes for the successful deployment of BI projects.

What you will learn

  • What is Corporate Performance Management and Business activity monitoring
  • How to build a Business case for CPM and BAM
  • The factors that contribute to maximize Business value
  • Five common subject areas for Corporate Performance Management and Business activity monitoring systems
  • Key elements and applications of Business analytics
  • Differences and commonalities of Real Time and batch based information stores, their architectures, and related processes
  • Business Intelligence roles and responsibilities
  • An overview of most common operational monitoring and Business Intelligence tools and technologies
  • Best Practices and common mistakes in implementing Corporate Management Systems
  • Balanced Scorecards, executive Dashboards and Performance monitors, and how do these tools fit within your organization

Main Topics

  • Introduction to Corporate Performance Management (CPM)
  • What is Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)?
  • Creating the corporate vision and strategy for the Enterprise
  • Creating the Business case
  • Planning for technical and non-technical infrastructure
  • Design ideas and options for Corporate Intelligence
  • Leverage built-in functionality of legacy, ERP & CRM systems for CPM & BAM
  • CPM and BAM for the end Business users
  • Watching out for complacency