Cloud Computing, SOA, Social Software and Mobile Workforce Conference 2012

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by Max Dolgicer, Mike Rosen , Gerhard Bayer, Frank Greco, Matt Mullen, Mark Wattson, Greg Lomow, Vincent Alonzi download a PDF brochure Download Event Brochure


Cloud Computing, Mobile Devices, and Social Software are all important new initiatives that Enterprise IT has to deal with (or will face in the near future), but they should not be managed in isolation, or we will create the new legacy silos. Our IT environment is becoming more complex by an order of magnitude. Not just in terms of the technologies we employ, but also in terms of the roles and responsibilities (user, developer, central IT, cloud provider), and the operational models (shared multi-tenant systems, elastic metered usage). It is therefore more important than ever to develop a blueprint for the extended Enterprise. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can provide the glue fabric that unifies these new initiatives and brings order to an IT environment that is at the brink of chaos. This will be one of the key value contributions of Enterprise IT.

This Conference will provide answers to the following key questions:

  • Why do we need Enterprise IT if we can run our applications in the Cloud and let the Cloud service provider manage our virtual datacenter? Why Enterprise IT leadership is required more than ever, contrary to what some Cloud providers claim?
  • End users are accustomed to the availability of any personal application they want on their Mobile devices – why can they not get access to their corporate applications as well?
  • Most people use some form of Social Software in their personal lives and are used to take advantage of the collaboration functions that these systems provide

Main Topics

  • The evolving role of Enterprise IT
  • Cloud Computing overview
  • Managing your IaaS provider and managing your private Cloud
  • Building scalable and reliable applications in the Cloud – and how to survive an AWS outage
  • PaaS – the new development paradigm or a trap for vendor lock-in?
  • The collaborative Enterprise: corporate platforms for Social Software
  • Making Enterprise applications available for mobile devices
  • Pushing the envelope: integration within the Cloud, across Clouds and on-premise systems
  • Enterprise Architecture is more important than ever: can SOA hold it all together?